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The indigenous Christians in the Middle East

Inleider: Dr. Khalil Abdinnour (uit Jeruzalem)
Datum: Donderdag 5 februari 2009

The issues of the indigenous Christians living in the Middle East have been overshadowed by the complexities of the on-going political conflicts of the region. In the past few decades the number of Palestinian Christians has dropped dramatically. They make one twelfth of what they represented only few decades ago. Today they form less than 2 percent of the overall population in the Holy Land.

In this presentation a historic perspective will be given of the indigenous Christians in the Middle East. The main reasons behind their gradual extinction will be given, especially in Jerusalem and West Bank towns and villages. Also the importance is stressed of maintaining this indigenous Christian element within the West-bank and Palestine. Means for their preservation, sustenance and possible re-growth will be suggested.

Finally, Dr. Abdinnour will take Jerusalem Arc’s “Children and YouthWork” which he has been implementing for the past six years, as one practical example of the various program areas which are believed to be essential for the empowerment and sustainability of the Christian minority in the Holy Land, who are vital for building a healthy life and society, based on religious morals and values, and for bringing about transformation and change for the better.

Dr. Khalil Abdinnour is Christen Palestijn en heeft gestudeerd aan de University of Winston Salem, NC, USA. Hij is thans werkzaam voor de Chr. Palestijnse Stichting ‘JerusalemArc’ te Jeruzalem. Een avond om inzicht te krijgen in de complexe structuur van Israel en Palestina.

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